Beautiful teck wood Ganesh from Orissa
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Ganesh, God of India
Symbol and presence
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In the hindu religion, the elephant head God Ganesh is also known as Ganapati, Ekadanta, Vinayaka, Heramba, etc. He brings joy and happiness to the family and may remove all the Obstacles. Innumerable crowds praise this benevolent Lord all over India. He is always worshipped first in temples and private houses. Less known tantric practices are also known. Visiting India, going to temples provides auspicious opportunities to get a first experience aiming to learn and to understand...

A nice OM

Ganesh Pûjâ
Another puja (video)

Mantras, bhajans...

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Introduction to hinduism Background
Forms, postures and emblems of Ganesh Ganesh forms
To better understand the multiple believes Ganesh names
Birth, exploits, battles against the devils Myths and legends
Complex relationships between Ganesh and the Shakti Ganesh and the feminine idols
Exoteric and esoteric aspects Ganesh worship
Ganesh in temples, caves, etc.; many pics Virtual visits (many pics) 
Modern images of Ganesh; many pics Handicraft (many pics) 
graphic arts, indian artists Graphic arts (pics) 
Modern images of Ganesh; many pics Folk images (pics)
The collector's corner The collector's corner 
Worldwide Ganes temples Worldwide Ganesh temples
In French and in English Bibliography 
Ganesha Chaturthi in Paris Ganesh festival in Paris (pics) 
Direct access; other access via chapters Glossary
Frequently asked questions Frequently Asked Questions
WEB resources on Ganesh, hinduism, buddhism, tantrism Links
guest book of the Ganesh Web site Guest book
Wonderful Ganesh 
from the 12th century, Halebid, Karnataka
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